Nicolas Novacek Brings to the United States a New and Improved Stucco Technology: Monoblanco

Nicolas Novacek, the owner of Evalex Stucco Technology LLC, is bringing a new stucco process to the United States that is sure to transform the way business and homeowners use stucco. He is excited to announce the new arrival of a new product from France. Monoblanco’s arrival in Miami will have a massive impact on the construction industry thanks to its superior durability and resistance to cracks. The innovative process behind Monoblanco allows it to be pumped by a machine instead of by hand, reducing application times. Learn more about this state of the art product and its benefits to determine if it’s right for you.

What is Monoblanco?

Monoblanco is a semi-light render that can waterproof and decorate walls with a single coat. It’s appropriate for both exterior and interior use. Nicolas Novacek has specially imported this product from France to protect and preserve all of the beautiful stuccoes in Miami. Parexlanko, a French manufacturer of premium finishing materials, makes this product with a combination of hydrated lime cement, sand, light filler, and pigment.

The inclusion of pigment is one of the many great things about Monoblanco. Since the product already contains color, there is no need to paint afterward. This thoughtful design feature makes the machine pump application process even faster and more effective and ensures that the product looks beautiful as soon as it goes on the building.

Monoblanco Creates a Barrier

Unlike other breathable renders, Monoblanco holds up against just about any force it might encounter. It’s waterproof and fireproof, so it will stay in prime condition even when subjected to extreme Florida weather or natural disasters. It’s particularly advantageous for Miami residents because it creates an excellent seal that prevents energy from escaping. Buildings with Monoblanco will enable energy savings during the hot summer months.

Monoblanco Lasts Longer Than Normal Stucco

Stucco homes are beautiful, but they’re also prone to cracking and wearing down over time. Nicolas uses Monoblanco during construction or finishing to avoid cracks and create buildings that will continue to look great for many years. Traditional stucco is applied by hand in the United States, which leaves opportunities for human error and inconsistent application. By pumping Monoblanco onto a surface with a machine application process, employees can achieve a higher quality of craftsmanship.

How Can I Add Monoblanco to My Building or Home?

Parexlanko cautions that their product is for professional use only, and must be used in accordance with local building regulations. To properly apply Monoblanco, a skilled general contractor, like our owner Nicolas Novacek, must use professional-grade equipment. At temperatures of roughly 85°F or higher, which is much of the year in Miami, even more special precautions must be taken during application.

In other words, this product offers amazing benefits, but can only be safely applied by a true industry expert. Nicolas Novacek will ensure the process is completed successfully on your property.

Improve Your Home or Building With Monoblanco

Simply put, Monoblanco will improve results during and after the building process. Include it during construction or finishing to improve the quality of the final product. As people in Miami and the rest of the United States start to recognize the superior effects of Monoblanco, it may dramatically increase the value of any building where it’s been applied.

Nicolas Novacek has spent over five years becoming a leading stucco specialist in Miami and has developed a skilled team of employees. Nicolas has spent a total of 13 years in the construction business, formerly in France. He still carries out or oversees much of the work himself, and looks forward to bringing this new process to the United States and demonstrating Monoblanco’s worth for American companies. Contact us today to learn more about our application process or get a quote– we look forward to enhancing your property with this product.

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